Our fees

One dog: $30.00 per night
Additional dogs from the same family:
 $25.00 each per night. 

Walk during the stay for one dog: $15.00 each walk
Additional dogs staying from the same family: 
$12.00 per walk per dog

                               " Soooooo, I'm on my break!!!
                                      I'll get to the accounts!"!

Fee includes  pick and delivery from 
central Wellington area
to Lower Hutt area
between 10 am and midnight.

Stays longer than a weekend can sometimes be available. Fees as above, with the seventh  day of that stay free.

        "I'm exhausted, 
   the accounts will have to wait!!!"

All fees are  payable at the end of the stay,
in cash or electronic transfer. 
We do not  accept cards.

"No interruptions,
 I'm doing the accounts!"
"Yes I KNOW what to do with a pencil!"